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Industry Partners

Promoting the 10th Mountain’s impact on the Ski and Outdoor Industry We’re partnering with ski and outdoor companies to offer 10th Mountain gear, discounts and donations. The Foundation earns a donation as…

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National Association & Descendants

With both geographic and virtual chapters, the 10th Mountain Division National Association and Descendants organizations offers multiple programs and opportunities to reconnect whether for monthly gatherings, reunions or special outings.

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10th Mountain Hut Association

The 10th Mountain Hut Association offers avalanche and mountain medicine programs in addition to access to their system of 34 premier mountain huts and 350 miles of backcountry skiing, mountain biking, or hiking…

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Groups you can join

Providing Opportunities to participate in the 10th Mountain outdoor experience The Foundation supports multiple organizations you can join that are carrying on the mountaineer legacy, whether backcountry skiing, climbing and mountaineering or participating…

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