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Industry Partners

Promoting the 10th Mountain’s impact on the Ski and Outdoor Industry

We’re partnering with ski and outdoor companies to offer 10th Mountain gear, discounts and donations.

The Foundation earns a donation as a percentage of each sale.

10th Mountain National Association or Descendants members get discounted pricing.

From Icelantic Skis to Weston Snowboards to Powder Point ski wear,
Help us promote the Patch with your purchase

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Icelantic, a Colorado ski company, has been partnering with the 10th Mountain Foundation for several years. 

With the Foundation’s input, Icelantic developed their 10th Mountain Trooper ski as a way to promote the 10th and use a percentage of gross sales to raise funds for the Foundation.

To date, this iconic ski has sold out every year it has been offered, and Icelantic has donated more than $12,000 to the foundation

Icelantic’s philosophy mirrors the Foundation’s goal of promoting the 10th Mountain love of the mountains, perseverance, resilience and dedication. 

Weston, located in Minturn, CO on the road to Camp Hale, has developed the 10th Mountain legacy snowboard for its partnership with the Foundation. 

They will be donating to the Foundation a percentage of gross sales from this top of the line free riding board

They are also offering a discount to members of the 10th Mountain Division National Association and Descendants organizations.

Their philosophy of focusing on the snowriding community and supporting those pursuing mountain winter sports is yet another example of the legacy of the 10th Mountain.

Our newest partner, Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works, offers custom skis and snowboards made on demand. 

They have created a 10th Mountain design that can be applied to either skis or snowboards and that comes in 3 levels of customization. 

National Association and Descendants members along with active soldiers will get a 20% discount, and Deviation is providing 10% of sales as a donation to the Foundation. 

Use this promotion code to get a 30% discount on your purchase. 10MNT30. Order yours today!

10th Mountain X Deviation Ski

10th Mountain X Deviation Snowboard


Powder Point has partnered with the Foundation to produce 10th Mountain two different snow pant designs for skiers or snowboarders that are dry, warm and comfortable all day long.

The Climb to Glory flag pant pays tribute to today’s 10th Mountain.

The 10th Mountain skier pant honors the original WWII 10th soldiers

Based in Denver, CO, Powder Point’s founder David Urban, is carrying on his parent’s tradition of making clothing for winter sports.  This is a tradition that aligns with the legacy of the 10th Mountain, since many of the winter clothing innovations were first pioneered by and for the 10th Mountain.   As with our other partnerships, Powder Point is donating a percentage of sales to the Foundation.