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The 10th Mountain Foundation offers select grants and financial support to select areas of interest. Areas where we consider grant requests are:

Collections and Public Resources: Our largest area of public outreach, grant requests will be considered based on impact into new areas, creative design and the ability to reach a large audience.  We do not normally fully fund any project, but collaborate to add value.  For our grant request and application, see the Partner Grant Application. To donate and support our efforts here, Donate now!

Monuments and Memorials: At the request of our veterans, we are no longer soliciting for new monuments, but interesting requests will be considered.  To start a dialog with our team, you can email us with your idea.

Scholarship & Education: Please see our scholarship application and guidelines for Undergraduate and Graduate level scholarships here.

Outdoor Experience: In keeping with the love of the outdoors that our veterans developed, we try to find ways to share that. We currently fund programs through NOLS (see list & links). Please contact those organizations directly to explore the opportunities we sponsor.

To apply: If your grant request fits within these program areas, please email us and we will connect you to a Foundation team leader.

Partnership applications are accepted on a year-round basis. Budget approval for programs and projects for the upcoming year are reviewed and voted on at the Annual Meeting in October.

How to Credit the 10th Mountain Division Foundation

If your project has been awarded funds, we request you credit the Foundation on the project where practicable in all associated communications such as all electronic and print media, PR, signage, flyers, posters, brochures. 

Please use this 10th Mountain Division logo and the following language when crediting the 10th Mountain Division Foundation:

“Funded in part by the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, Inc. to honor all 10th Mountain Division soldiers killed in action, veterans, and the legacy they created.”