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To help raise funds and promote the 10th Mountain legacy, the Foundation has established partnerships with select companies who have agreed to:

  1. Develop 10th Mountain branded gear
  2. Offer discounts to members of the 10th Mountain National Association and Descendants
  3. Donate a % of their gross sales as donations to the Foundation.

The following provides our ever-growing list of partners and deals:


Order your pair of Icelantic 10th Mountain Nomad Skis before they sell out!
Icelantic will donate 15% of ski sales to the 10th Mountain Division Foundation.

Our newest partner, Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works, offers custom skis and snowboards made on demand. 

They have created a 10th Mountain design that can be applied to either skis or snowboards and that comes in 3 levels of customization. 

National Association and Descendants members along with active soldiers will get a 20% discount, and Deviation is providing 10% of sales as a donation to the Foundation.  Order yours today!

10th Mountain skis

10th Mountain boards