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Monuments & Memorials

TEAM LEAD: Steve Coffey
TEAM MEMBERS:  Dave Little – Flint Whitlock

CHARTER: The Monuments & Memorials Team is charged with:

  • Maintaining the 10th Mt. Division Tennessee Pass memorial
  • Delivering the Foundation’s annual Memorial Day service at Tennessee Pass
  • Ensuring remembrance for the 10th Mountain soldiers interred at the Florence, Italy cemetery.

The team also engages the greater 10th Mountain Division family and evaluates requests for support of 10th Mountain memorials around the country or overseas.

Museums & Personal Collections

TEAM LEAD: Dave Little 
TEAM MEMBERS:  Galen Jackman – Jack Breeding

CHARTER:  The Museums & Personal Collections Team partners with outside agencies to:

  • Document, preserve and allow access to 10th Mountain related artifacts (uniforms, equipment and ephemera), documents and photographs of the period
  • Assist with identification and cataloging of these collections.

The team acts as a resource for these agencies to encourage knowledge and cooperation, and to find common ground with the Foundation and each other.

History Colorado
Denver Public Library
Colorado Snowsports Museum and Hall of Fame
10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum
10th Mountain Living History Display Group

Potential partners include New England Ski Museum, National Ski Museum, US Army Center for Military History and other museums, libraries and collections.    

Cooperation and Resource Sharing:
There is overlap in all of these collections, so we are still defining how we cooperate and share resources, but we have seen cooperative efforts across multiple platforms.


TEAM LEAD: Robbi Farrow
TEAM Members:  Sue Hagerman – Val Rios – Gil Pearsall

CHARTER: The Scholarship Team is charged with managing a scholarship program that honors and perpetuates the spirit and legacy of the 10th Mountain Division.

Scholarships may be developed within the context of traditional academic or special military or 10th Mountain program areas.

The Scholarship Team reviews scholarship criteria, applications and award fulfillment across:

  • Traditional undergraduate degrees
  • Community College/Certificate Programs
  • Military History graduate studies
  • Continuing Educational opportunities for veterans
Outdoor Experience & Training

TEAM LEADS: Paul Vertrees – Rich Piltingsrud
TEAM Members:  Jim Redmore – Nancy Kramer

Charter:  The Outdoor Experience Team is developing signature partnerships that exemplify the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division, past present and future. 

The team’s focus is be able to offer training and certifications, as well as group participation opportunities to 10th Mountain soldiers and their families.

Ski & Outdoor Industry

TEAM LEAD: Trux Dole
TEAM MEMBERS:  Thad Cummins – Tom Williams – Tom Hames

Charter: The Ski & Outdoor Industry Team goal is to raise awareness and funds by building on the 10th Mountain’s post-war legacy. 

The team is currently focused on increasing awareness of that legacy across the Outdoor Industry by developing co-branded partnerships with commemorative products.

Current partnerships include: Icelantic Skis, Weston Snowboards, Deviation Ski & Snowboard Co, and Black Diamond Climbing Equipment.

In the future we hope to augment the Army’s Soldier for Life and Transition Assistance programs with networking opportunities for 10th Mountain soldiers and their families.