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Q1 2019 Foundation Update

President’s Message (Trux Dole)

General Update: $29,207 In Grants Paid | Memorial Day Ceremony | Continued Progress First quarter is when your Foundation makes a number of grants to our program partners. In addition to the grantmaking, your Foundation Executive team has been:

A. outlining a digital strategy and prepping to update the Foundation’s website
B. reallocating previously restricted funds from completed projects to the relevant team budgets C. continuing to work through the process of updating our accounting system
D. solidifying existing and new partnership relationships.

First Quarter is also when the Monuments and Memorials team goes into high gear preparing for the Memorial Day service at Tennessee Pass. This year mark’s the 60th anniversary of our ceremony! This is a great event, and we would love to have you join us. More details below.

Over the coming quarters we will continue to focus on awareness building and updating our web presence to increase the Foundation’s ability to help 10th Mountain veterans and their families. The Program teams will also be working with our partners as we prepare our budget for 2020.