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Q4 2018 Foundation Update

President’s Message (Trux Dole)

General Update: Memorial Day | Ft. Drum Reunion & Meetings | Operational Phase 3
The Foundation team’s work this past quarter continues to highlight the positive results of our restructuring and programmatic focus of uniting under the 10th Mountain patch: from our 60th Memorial Day ceremony at Tennessee Pass, to our first ‘climb in’ with the 10th Mountain Alpine Group (10th MAG) to further partnership development to closer collaboration with the National Association, Descendants and Division command at Fort Drum.

Indeed, our different programs now help us articulate more clearly how the Foundation can support the efforts of both the National Association and Descendants to grow their membership and engagement, as well as communicate to Division command how we can help 10th Mountain soldiers and their families understand the greater 10th community that is here to support them.

As I move to wrapping up my three-year term as President, I am confident the Foundation is well positioned for the future, and I am pleased that we are delivering on the vision. Our focus in the next quarter is preparing for the annual meeting, budgeting and updating the website (finally). We also need to recruit new board members and hire a new administrative director.