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Q1 2018 Update 4 final.5.2.18

President’s Message (Trux Dole)

General Update: The Foundation Executive Committee, Governance Committee and team leads have been busy this quarter with activity spanning each of the program teams, as well as ongoing efforts to reduce our administrative costs, further strategic partnerships and uncover new sources of funding.

We have also made strides on our accounting and budgeting so that program teams, for the first time ever, can know earlier in the year what funds they have available for grants and partner support. The Executive Committee made the decision to shift this year’s annual meeting to Labor Day weekend, in part to give the teams more time to finalize budgets against requests and to align with the National Association reunion at Breckenridge.

There’s plenty more to do, including updating our website and collateral materials, and recruit more volunteers from the different Association chapters. (yes, we’d love your participation!)