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Q4 2017 Update 4 Blizzard.TD.2.1.18

President’s Message (Trux Dole)

Your Foundation Wants You!

It’s been a productive few months. We are picking up momentum on our top goals:
#1 Restructure with new program focused teams/committees – Done! We have defined partners by program, and the teams now have guide and charter templates, as well as a rough timeline of working toward program budget finalization for next year.

This first effort is helping us achieve goal #2; Rally around defined partners, programs and projects. Indeed, during a well-organized weekend in December, I had great conversations with both existing and new partners. By more clearly defining how we are supporting the 10th community, both WWII and Today’s 10th, we are seeing broader and deeper engagement from both partners and individual donors. It’s exciting!

Lastly, we are starting to make headway on goal #3; move the Foundation to more proactive, facilitating role as ‘bank’ for 10th community thanks to both the Collections & Public Resources team and the Scholarship team.