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10th Mountain Division Resource Center – Preserving Our Stories

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The 10th Mountain Division Resource Center, established at the request of veterans in 1987, is divided between the Denver Public Library Western Genealogy Department and History Colorado.

The library houses military documents, correspondence, photographs, oral his- tory recordings, film, maps and other such “flat” materials, and the museum houses three-dimensional artifacts in- cluding uniforms, equipment and even a Studebaker M29 Weasel.

As archivist of the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center, Keli Schmid maintains collections and ensures the preser- vation of materials. “I process new acquisitions, assist with research requests, and I help descendants and historians fill in the stories of individual soldiers and the time they spent with the Division.” The best way to contact Keli is by email at

Who Has 10th Mountain Information and Where?

Are you interested in 10th Mountain Division history or want to learn more about soldiers in the 10th? Perhaps you have historical items to donate. The 10th Mountain Division archives are housed at the Denver Public Library. Contact archivist Keli Schmid for materials and information on veterans. She can help with searches and you can also visit the archives.

Keli Schmid, 720-865-1812,

What Can I Donate?

Here’s a link to a presentation by 10th Mountain Division museums and history resources outlining which organization accepts donated materials and where to go for information on 10th soldiers.

10th Mountain History Resources

You can see what is available at the Denver Public Library and elsewhere with these additional resources:

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