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Denise Taylor

Brief info

I’m a native of Colorado and a retired registered nurse as of 2020, after 36 years. I worked in general pediatrics, pediatric oncology, pediatric solid organ transplant, adult solid organ transplant, infusion, and pre-procedure services. I also was a realtor for 30 years.

My father served in the 10th Mountain Division, 126th Eng-D Co. He trained at Camp Hale; in Virginia, where he learned to clear mine fields; and at Camp Swift. After serving in Italy, he went on to work as a plumber for 40 years.

I attended my first 10th Mountain Division event with my dad in 1988. I became involved with the Descendants at the 1995 Sun Valley reunion, where we started gathered names for a database of 10th Mountain Division descendants. We went on to form a steering committee and the 10th Mountain Division Descendants became a 501c(19) in 1998, then a 501c(3) in April, 2021. I have served on the Descendants board since its inception—first as Quartermaster for twenty years, then as a liaison with the 10th Mountain Resource Center, and currently, as President since 2019.

During my Presidential term, my primary goals for the Descendant’s organization have been education to carry on the legacy of the WWII 10th Mountain Division and 10th Light as well as Good Works that acknowledge and support the sacrifices of our veterans and active-duty soldiers.