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Historian Flint Whitlock Inducted Into Colorado Authors Hall of Fame

Flint Whitlock, author of 14 books and 50 magazine articles covering brave stories from WWII and other military history, is being inducted into the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame on September 18.

“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame feels kind of like winning the lottery,” said Whitlock. “I know someone had submitted my name, but I had no idea I would actually be chosen.”

Born in Illinois, his father was a WWII veteran of the 10th Mountain Division—hence the 10th being the subject of his first book. His Army career took him to West Germany and South Vietnam. His final year in service in 1970 landed him at Fort Carson. Denver has been his home since 1975.

“I’ve looked back at my body of work, and I think it all either subtly or not so subtly, talks about heroism,” said Whitlock. I’m not one of those people who wants to do an alternate history where you thought that general was great, let’s show you the skeletons in his closet. I’m more interested in talking about the heroic deeds that ordinary people do when they are in a life or death situation, and there are few life or death situations that are like being in combat.”

Whitlock has been the Editor of the WWII Quarterly magazine since 2010. The Smithsonian, National Geographic, Colorado National Guard, and other groups are honored to have him as a battlefield tour guide. Whitlock has appeared in several television documentaries on the History Channel, “War Stories with Oliver North,” and Netflix. With his sea legs, he’s a history lecturer on Viking sea cruise line.

Active in Colorado, he’s a member of the board of directors (and designer of exhibits) at the Broomfield Veterans Museum.

“I’ve interviewed 2 and 3 star generals and several recipients of the medal of honor,” said Whitlock, “and they all would say ‘I didn’t do anything heroic, I was just doing my job. The real heroes are the ones who didn’t come back.’ And I think they downplay what they contributed. And it’s understandable that they do that, but I don’t want to ignore them or downplay what they did. In everything I’ve been writing, it has focused on the extraordinary deeds of extraordinary people.”

The Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame will hold its second Author Induction celebration gala on September 18 at the Renaissance Central Park hotel in Denver, honoring an incredible group of exceptional authors. The public can attend and purchase tickets at

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