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Do you have 10th Mountain related materials to preserve?

Our partnership with the 10th Mountain Resource Center ensures your personal collection of documents, letters or photographs will be preserved and accessible at the Denver Public Library.

Memorabilia, equipment and more will be added to the collection and preserved at History Colorado. 
All materials will also be added to the 10th Mountain Resource Center’s online database; however, it is safest to first ask if they’re interested in your items.

10th Mountain

Resource Center at Denver Public Library

Type of items desired: letters, photos, maps, home movies, artwork, diaries, journals, manuals, books or booklets.
Additional Guidelines: we prefer original materials rather than copies if at all possible (exceptions being discharge papers and military orders.)

We often receive book collections or other published materials, which we can accept if they are significant for use in the reference collection. If we already have copies, books need to be returned to the donors or placed in our annual book sale.

Note: If you have very many items, it is helpful to make an itemized list of the items. With photographs, it is useful if the person donating them could provide dates and especially identification on any of the people in the photographs. Often we get Camp Hale photos and simply have to guess that they are either 1943 or 1944, for example

Contact: Keli Schmid
Phone: 720-865-1812
Shipping Address: 10 W. 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO 80204-2731


History Colorado

Some description text for this item

Type of items desired: History Colorado is home to a large collection of 10th Mountain Division artifacts including uniforms, skiing and climbing gear, weaponry, camping and other types of equipment, military patches, commemorative memorabilia, and even an M29 “weasel” military vehicle.

The collection is accessible online at We regret that we are not able to accept every donation that is offered but we are always interested in learning more about 10th Mountain Division artifacts and can make recommendations if History Colorado is not the right home for your item.

Contact: James Peterson
Phone: 303-866-2306 or 303-866-3688
Shipping Address: 1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

10th Mountain Division

living History Display Group, Inc.

Type of items desired: All 10th Mountain; Uniforms, Weapons, Documents & Equipment

Contact: David Little
Phone: 303-263-6785
Shipping Address: 1198 Thornbury Place, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

10th Mountain Division

Museum at Fort Drum

Some description text for this item

Types of items desired: Any materials related to the 1948-1958 10th Infantry Division or the modern 10th Mountain Division, reborn in 1985, and duplicates of items at 10th Resource Center and History Colorado. 

The mission of the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum is to use historical artifacts to build an esprit de corps in 10th soldiers and their families, as well as with civilian personnel and the local community. 

The museum uses original artifacts and covers the history of Fort Drum and its relationship with New York’s North Country, as well as the 10th Mountain Division’s history from its WWII origins and baptism in Italy through to present day, and its role in Iraq and Afghanistan as the most deployed division in today’s Army.

Contact: Sep Spcanlin or Kent Bolke
Phone: 315-774-0391
Shipping Address: Heritage Center, Bldg 10502, South Riva Ridge Loop, Fort Drum, NY 13602

(Modena) Italy

lola di Montese

Type of items desired: letters, maps, diaries, journals, manuals, personal items (please specify whether permission is granted to translate and publish diary excerpts on the museum website).

Contact (in Italy): Andrea Gandolfi
Phone: +39 347 6307355
Shipping Address: Via Anna Frank n’3 40135 Bologna (Italy)

(A division of 10th Mountain Living History Group)

Roberts Armory WWII Museum

Some description text for this item

Type of items desired: 10th related gear, clothing, finds, treasures, vehicles, and artillery.
Contact: Chuck Roberts

Phone: 815-561-4451
Shipping Address: 2090 Brush Grove Road, Rochelle, Illinois 61068


Colorado Snowsports Museum

Type of items desired: Colorado-related 10th Mountain items.

Contact: Susie Tjossem, John Dakin
Phone: 970-476-1876
Shipping Address: 231 S. Frontage Rd East, Vail, CO 81657


New England Ski Museum

Some description text for this item

Type of items desired: New Hampshire or East Coast-related 10th items.
Contact: Jeff Leich

Phone:  800-639-4181
Shipping Address: P.O. Box 267, Franconia, NH 03580


Vermont Ski Museum

Type of items desired: Vermont/or East Coast-related 10th items.

Contact: Meredith Scott
Phone: 802-253-9911S
Shipping Address: P.O. Box 1511, Stowe, VT 05672-1511